1. frank frenett

    As an ex player and born in Munster and a gambler and a maths lover you have hooked!

    Where are you posting your predictions?

  2. Baldo

    Cheers Frank. I’ll be posting them up here, probably of a Friday. I don’t expect to be making much money on it any time soon mind!

    • Jon, me, a power user?! As I say I will be happily keeping an eye on News 2.0. Already it’s been a great way of seeing what the Australian blogosphere is talking about!Skribe I’d forgotten about that site, pegtrblogs.orh! Will bookmark it too!Thanks Sarah, I’m going to have to go and check those sites out now

  3. Stephen

    As a postgrad student blissfully nearing the end of a stat-heavy dissertation, it’s nice to see that stats can be put to good use!

    • Baldo

      Glad to hear it – I’m sure almost any other use of stats including whatever you were doing is of more value to the world than this!

  4. Rod

    Given the ‘interesting’ autumn international series so far, any thoughts about going international before the six nations starts?

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